The Farm Holidays includes to its inside two finely furnished apartments. They are completed of kitchen, private services, independent heating, television and telephone.
Besides an other apartment meticulously furnished and cured with a large dining room, fireplace in style and independent income.

We also have a chalet with 4 rooms, really nice , with private services, television and telephone.

In each room we can receive up to 3 people.


For the happiness of your kids you can find a big park with lot of toys.


Beside the fishing lake you can have funa with your family and friends participating to exciting contests of BEACH VOLLEY .



We can offer a big space to park your car, just beside the farmhouse.


Near the farmhouse and the chalet,we invite you to relax and to remain lying down to the sun to enjoy the tranquillity of our structure and make delicious baths in the SWIMMING POOL.

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